Monday, August 29, 2005

Norwegian Knitting Designs

I found a small OOP treasure at a used bookstore in Fairhaven the other day:

Norwegian Knitting Designs
selected by Annichen Sibbern Bøhn
Published in Oslo, Norway 1975 (©. 1965)

I have a weakness for old knitting books and this is a sweet little book, it appeals to the Norwegian in me and there are a few patterns I plan to use. The written sweater patterns are vague so they are mainly of use to those who already knit traditional Norwegian sweaters with steeks in their sleep. (Actually, if you're skilled enough to knit a sweater from these skimpy instructions then you probably don't need 'em.) The graphs of course can be adapted into any pattern:

Can you see this woman dancing around a sweater or mitten, she makes me smile:

As much as I appreciate the book I can't say it's worth the asking prices on (so it's not going on my recommended list) but it was certainly worth the $6 I paid.