Friday, February 24, 2006

Birthday gloves, finished

Quick update, I mailed these off on the 10th but forgot to post the final photo:

Made with Patons Kroy sock yarn

Right now I'm planning out the colors for Meg Swansen's Fair Isle Cardigan. If I can get all the Shetland yarn I need at Marilyn's Yarn (using a generous gift certificate, gotta love those) that'll be my next big project.

I'm almost done with a toe-up sock, just need to finish off the cuff. I made the first sock in this pair early last year, it'll be nice to have a new pair of socks for my own feet.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Birthday gloves

I finished the first glove last week and took a photo for mom to prove I wasn't being a total slacker. (These gloves are her friend's birthday present.)

Patons Kroy sock yarn

A little pattern I made up to fit around the wrist (it's on both sides)

I'm almost done with its mate, just 4 fingers to go. I have some ideas for my next project but nothing set in stone.