Saturday, July 26, 2003

Photos of felted slippers & blue sock

Well it took a while but I finally felted the first two pairs of slippers. Fortunately I am pleased with how they look so I will finish the remaining 8 pairs for Christmas 2003. I'm making a total of 10 pairs instead of 9, Dee is getting a pair too. She picked out orange and red at the yarn shop which looks pretty cool and nothing I would have thought of putting together, so I really like that.

Oh, these slippers are super comfortable too. Oddly enough I never once thought about how they might FEEL on the foot, so it was a pleasant surprise to slip them on and think "Ooooooh, niiiiiiiice!" The soles are thick and comfy.

I did something wild and crazy, I took a photo of the latest blue sock before its mate is finished. Oh well, it's not like I've ever had a problem with the dreaded "second sock syndrome" so it will definitely be finished sometime soon, I'm almost to the heel on sock #2 already. I can't afford to buy yarn and then not use it.

And here's the pretty blue sock (worked on size 0 needles) from the Trekking sock yarn I bought at the sale last month:

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