Thursday, September 09, 2004

the perfect knitting bag

I started another pair of socks last week -- I needed a new portable project and I didn't want it to be anything special that would have to be reluctantly put down when the shawl yarn arrived. Speaking of portable projects, I finally found the perfect on-the-go knitting bag.

Socks are the best portable projects because they're small and I can knit a sock without referring to a pattern. The current sock in progress is usually tossed into a plastic grocery bag on the way out the door. I'm not the most fashionable knitter, clearly. This works OK but the needles often poke through the plastic bag and there isn't a pocket for a hook or other gadgets. Well I finally found THE ONE.
a) green apple color (massive bonus points)
b) the perfect size for small on-the-go projects (mainly socks)
c) very lightweight (i hate bags that are heavy when empty)
d) extra storage space for my tiny red purse, ipod, comb, glasses, and assorted knitting tools -- and this compartment has a plastic bin in it so the contents won't be crushed
e) the bag zips apart into two separate pieces so it isn't necessary to carry the entire bag if I don't need the extra storage space
f) it only cost $1.99 at the Salvation Army thrift store

The Altoids tin shown is a gum tin, which is much smaller than the Altoids mint tin (for scale reference)

Look, it's a stripey sock! In a bag!

It zips apart!

How fantabulous. I believe it's supposed to be an insulated lunch bag.
Ah yes, here it is on the company's website: #27002 -- 2 in 1
There is no velcro on this bag and it doesn't fold down, their web monkey copied the description from the item below it and forgot to change the text. The Ingear brand is sold in department stores such as Target and Fred Meyer so it should be fairly inexpensive.

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