Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Easy Neckwarmer pattern

Mystery Knitter wrote: I love the neckwarmer you made - could you post the pattern - it looks easy. Thanks.

Sure, it's really simple. First a word about binding off.

Here are the two neckwarmers I made last week side by side. I hadn't planned to take a photo of Mike's because it looked like Dad's but then I realized that wasn't true, they aren't exactly alike.

I made Dad's first, on the right, and used EZ's sewn bind-off. So why does the neckwarmer on the left flare out at the bottom? The bind-off is different, it's the last one in my list of stretchy bind-offs -- but I do K2tog tbl in Step 3 instead of regular K2tog.

Another difference is that one is K3P3 and one is K2P2 but gee, who cares.

OK, so here's the Easy Neckwarmer pattern (click to open in new window)

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Anonymous said...

Mystery knitter here - (Lois) - thanks for posting the pattern - can't wait to try it, not sure if I can make one before Xmas, but will try.