Thursday, February 24, 2005

Turquoise Dyeing

Yesterday I dyed six skeins of white wool using Lanaset turquoise dye (2 tsp dye powder in ~4 gallons water and 2 cups white vinegar):

The 2 hanks of fingering wool on the far left are target color #1, they were first in the dye pot together. The 2 hanks of fingering wool in the middle are target color #2, they were last in the dye pot together.

The 2 hanks on the far right were orphan skeins (white Lamb's Pride worsted and LB Fishermen's Wool) that were thrown in separately just to soak up dye so there'd be a noticeable difference between color #1 and color #2. These orphan yarns will be wound up and returned to the stash, no plans there.

The two target colors will be used for more mittens or gloves, along with some undyed yarn in the original white. I'm tempted to wind off one more hank (or at least half) and dye that to get an ultra pale blue before I dump the dye bath. This is a lovely fingering weight wool that I lucked into at a thrift store last year. The bag had seven 50g balls of unmarked white yarn that looked like wool so I brought it home and it passed the bleach test. (The bag cost ~$3.00 so it wasn't a huge gamble.) I wish there had been a label so I could look for more of this yarn online, it's great stuff. Of course if there had been a label revealing it was wool Value Village would have tripled the price.

My hands still look smurfy.

Komi mittens update: just have to finish the thumb on mitten #2 and then they're done.


the knitrider said...

beautiful dye job! everyones using kool aid dye it seems, i must give dyeing a try! i suppose something more permanent, like what you used would be best for me though, since i tend to wash my stuff alot!

Maus said...

Beautifyl colors, I like how you put the orphans in to soak up some dye and then get the real light blue, just great!

Anonymous said...

What is the "bleach test" for wool? I am only familiar with the burn test. Those blue colors are beautiful.

Kiron said...

Very helpful post on turquoise dyeing.

Rony said...

Good job brother.

Mazhar said...

Nice color combination.