Monday, February 14, 2005

A Valentine Mitten

OK, still working on the thumb...

I'm thinking the mittens will probably fit my mom after blocking, there's already room in the fingertips and it won't take much to change the circumference. We'll see.

a token for my valentine
who has saved every card I've made
for the last 12 years
now that says something
(it's either OCD or love)


alison said...

Beautiful mitten! And your Valentine card is lovely. I can see why your sweetie is saving them. :)

Maus said...

That card is gorgeous!! Such nice colors and great pattern, I'd save that one too :)
I keep a birthday card with a pig on the fridge that I got from my sports a dead mosquito inside cause they has so many that year, many many years ago :)
Love that mitten too! Nice colors - I made those mittens as my first ones, I do wear them a lot but feel that my thumb does not grow right out of the side of the hand, so I wish the book would have options for the same kind of thumb located off the palm side.

Kristi said...

Thanks Alison and Maus! I was thinking about moving the thumb over a few stitches so it grows out of the palm, for the next pair of mittens from this book. Last year I made a pair of gloves using the asymmetrical gusset from Interweave Knits winter '03 -- that issue had an informative article on different thumb gussets. I think for the mittens it would require designating a vertical line of sts on the palm side that the gusset would grow out of (and knitting in the seam line where the gusset was supposed to grow on the side). If I'm not thinking right on that let me know, otherwise I'll give it a go on the next pair. It'll disrupt the pattern on the palm but I can live with that, I think.