Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another mitten for your viewing pleasure

I liked the first pair of Komi mittens I finished last month so now I'm working on a new pair from Mostly Mittens. Different pattern, different yarn. This is the fingering weight wool that I dyed a couple weeks ago. It's 10 sts/in on size 0 needles.

I'll make more of an effort to get the colors right for the final photo. In these photos the darker color looks like it has hightlights or the dye job was spotty, it's actually a very solid color, a dark teal.

The dye was turquoise but the first two skeins that went in the dye pot together look dark teal to me -- which is cool because that's one of my favorite colors. Anyway, my digital camera does the best it can with 1.3 (not a typo) megapixels. I hope to have access to a much better camera soon and that should improve how colors appear in my photos. If I'm thinking about it tomorrow I'll try again in natural sunlight.


grumperina said...

That pattern is gorgeous! I've been so impressed with clever Fair Isle (as a technique, not as a design necessarily) mittens lately, including yours!

Beth said...

Hi Kristi - I saw your comment on Wendy's blog - that you had to settle for the pink chibi. Do tell - what is the fate of the coveted pink chibi? I'm one of the folks on the quest for the pink chibi. I've got the teal ones coming out of my ears - my kingdom for a pink chibi!

Kristi said...

Hi Beth! You wouldn't want my Chibi, the threaded part is half separated from the tube part. I think the cap was screwed on too tight and the pressure broke it. Let this be a lesson: don't play rough with your Chibi. The yarn shops here might still have pink cases so I'll look next time I visit the stores. :)