Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Library Love

There has to be at least one serious knitter on staff at my local library, they add new knitting books every month and the generous selection of books would make any knitter drool. It's not just the quantity that's impressive, the variety and depth is also appreciated. For example, you'd expect them to have the popular Vogue Knitting reference book but they also have gems like Latvian Dreams. They subscribe to two knitting magazines, Vogue Knitting and Knitter's. Neither has really impressed me lately but it's nice to be able to review the magazines at leisure without wasting money on a dud. (I'll buy a true keeper issue after reading it at the library, which hasn't happened in a long time.) Sometimes when I have nowhere to go for a few hours I will ask for an armful of Knitter's magazines from the '90s.

I've been meaning to research all the Meg Swansen videos available so I have an idea of which ones to request the library purchase for their collection. I don't think my suggestions would be outside the realm of possibility, they already own MS/EZ's Knitting Glossary and EZ's Knitting Workshop. I rarely see them on the shelf so they are popular videos. I put in a written request for The Opinionated Knitter last week even though I suspect it's already on their "order ASAP" list. That request puts me on the hold list, hopefully #1. Speaking of EZ, thank you to Kathy for the "knit on" button over there in the sidebar. I'll proudly display my respect and admiration for EZ.

If I ever move away one of the things I'll miss most is the library, how nutty is that?

I'm not one of those knitters who can knit and read with any hope of comprehension at the same time so lately I've been sacrificing knitting time for reading time. I finally got around to almost finishing the body of the Komi mitten last night and then noticed I was doing the K2tog decreases at the wrong spot (2 sts from the end of the 1/2 round instead of 3 sts from the end). I was wrong both opportunities on every round so I was consistent in my error, which is why it took so long to notice. It looked fine but it's the sort of thing that would bug me, so I ripped back to the start of the decreases and then set the mitten aside.

I mailed the other pair of Komi mittens off to Mom for her birthday on the 27th, she says they fit so that's a relief.

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grumperina said...

You are so lucky to have such a well-stocked library! We have The Knitting Workshop, but the first volume is listed as damaged, and just recently the second volume became "missing." Sigh. No hopes of Knitting Glossary, I'm afraid, although I'd love to get my hands on it to learn how to knit two-handed... or one-handed with two yarns. I'm going to follow your lead and suggest that the libraries purchase the set.