Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Starmore, the Early Years

Borrowed from the library: Scandinavian Knitwear (1982), Knitting from the British Islands (1983), Children's Knitting from Many Lands (1984).

In my opinion these three pattern books are not worth the money some shops demand but I'd pay a normal used book price (say, under $12). There are a few sweaters knit in the round (without making use of steeks) but the great majority are worked in pieces, which is a plus or minus depending on your personal preference. Even the hats in Scandinavian Knitwear are knit flat and seamed up.

As for the designs, it's a mixed bag. Check out that Aran dress on the cover: Yikes! Some items look dated, as is expected from patterns published in the early '80s, but there are a few appealing classic pieces in each book and more not-so-appealing classics. YMMV.

You can buy the "Patrington & Withernsea" pattern in Knitting from the British Islands on the Virtual Yarns website (it's been renamed Scalpay in the AS Classics section), as long as you don't mind buying it as a kit. I think it looks better on the website and I suspect the pattern has been updated and improved.

If you're curious but your library doesn't own these three books, ask about interlibrary loan. That reminds me, I should see if it's possible to borrow Pacific Coast Highway on loan.

Birthday gloves: One is done, it's drying inside-out right now so it's not ready for a photo. I just finished the cuff for its mate, looks like they'll be a little late for mom's friend's official birthday next week.

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