Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ullared hat and two pairs of socks

Right now I'm working on the Ullared hat from Charlene Schurch's Hats On. It should be done by next week.

Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport @ 8 sts/in

I reluctantly decided to start with a tubular cast on. I love it but it takes an eternity, especially for a hat with 180 stitches. Of course when I viewed the results after pulling out the waste yarn I knew it was worth the extra time. Any ribbing worn around the wrists or head deserves the tubular cast on, it's gorgeous.

Also finished up some socks recently:

Trekking sock yarn, cuff down

Regia sock yarn, toe up

This week I checked Aran Knitting out of the library (again) and was peeved to discover extensive water damage on ALL the pages. It looks like someone dropped it in a sink full of water. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Of all the books to ruin... sigh.

I used part of my gift certificate to buy 6 skeins of dark blue jumperweight yarn, I'm using that instead of natural black for Meg Swansen's Fair Isle cardigan. I'm changing most of the other colors too and the yarn shop doesn't have all the colors I need in stock. I have to check in when the owner is around to see if she can help. I'll order online if I have to but it'd be nice to get the rest of the yarn through the shop because there's still a good chunk of money left on the gift certificate.

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