Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Acorn Hat . . . FOR MY NIECE (!!!)

I have a niece! Katherine Anne (Katie), born 10/10. Is that a great birthday or what? Pretty hard for friends and family to forget. ;) I'm thrilled beyond measure. I would've been just as happy with a nephew too, but there was a tiny voice inside me saying I hope it's a girl.

My brother surprised me last week. I told him the cable baby hat was in the mail and he asked, "Didn't you say you were going to make a hat that looks like an acorn?" How did he remember that? It was around 6 months ago that I told him about the acorn pattern and I thought it went in one ear and out the other (you know how non-knitters tend to drift off if you talk about knitting stuff). Apparently he was looking forward to it! So I cast on for the adorable hat. I told him it would be a little big right now but it'll fit eventually. The smallest pattern size is 19" and I adjusted the gauge so it'd be a little smaller, but I didn't want it newborn size (so it'd fit longer).

The rolled brim uses 4 strands of fingering weight yarn (or two strands worsted), the rest of the hat uses 2 strands (or one strand worsted).

yarn: Patons Kroy sock yarn

Here is Snoopy's little sister Belle in Katie's blue hooded sweater (it zips down the back). I can't wait to see her in it:

yarn: Plymouth Encore


kmkat said...

Adorable knits and great photos!

Maus said...

Those hats are so neat! I love the acorn hat, looks like much fun to knit :)

Carol said...

Please can you tell me where I can find the pattern for your Acorn hat? That is some kind of cute and I would love to make one.