Sunday, October 29, 2006

Laila's Socks

A few years ago I bought a ball of black and a ball of variegated sock yarn, with the idea of using them together to make a pair of colorwork socks. The yarn sat in my stash, waiting for me to design or find the right pattern.

Laila's Socks

Yarn: Regia black and Regia variegated, fingering weight sock yarn

Pattern: from Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush

Right now I'm working on the 2nd sock but it doesn't have to be done until Christmas so there's no rush. I'll likely work on it until it's finished this week anyway, I don't have a specific new project in mind.

Blogger Beta allows labels! I should be able to edit previous posts and add labels to everything else, I apologize to the three people on bloglines if you see a large number of "new" posts from me.


Holly Burnham said...

I simply love that sock! It is so appealing and would match most of my clothes....need my address?

kmkat said...

I love that sock! It looks like something my feet would like, too -- wanna make another pair? ;)

Thanks for the explanation about the *new* posts. I kinda wondered when I saw that Weebleknits had 48 new posts in Bloglines.

sharon said...

That sock is simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laila,
My name is Collette and I dye sock yarn. I was looking at all the socks you have knit and they are just beautiful! I want to invite you to my shop to have look around. I think you might be especially interested in my Monochromatic Self Fading sock yarns. Your socks will knit from light to dark or visa versa. I am going to get more colors up soon. Next will be purple and then green.

Whether or not you check out my shop, I wanted to compliment you on your fine knitting!


Nanette said...

I love your Laila's socks. They almost glow! I made them in a boring yellow and brown and they pale in comparison to your gorgeous version.

Anonymous said...

I love your Laila socks! Do you have the exact yarn color name that you used for this? Thanks!Katie