Monday, August 27, 2007

Updates: Socks and Mittens

I finished the St. Paul socks:

yarn: Lana Grossa #1004 on size 0 Addi Turbo
I'm not sure if I like how the experimental toe feels on my foot so I might rip them out and try again (good thing they were knit top down).

... started another pair of boring basic socks:

yarn: Regia on size 0 Addi Turbo
The short row heel is hiding under the sock, I made it solid dark blue by cutting out the other colors. Hopefully there will be enough yarn to make a matching blue toe.

... and knit up a swatch for these mittens:

yarn: fingering weight Shetland wool on size 1 Inox
That's light green on dark green, not black

The chart is based on a photo in a German pattern book, but it hasn't reached the final polished stage yet. For unknown reasons the original chart is not actually in the book -- I looked at every single page to be sure. The birds are a mostly accurate copy, the rest is a mixture of what I could see in the photo, my idea of what might look good, and what fit into the chart outline. Now I need to sort out measurements and row gauge and determine if the chart is too tall for my smallish hands, which I'm guessing it is. I'm also not crazy about the thumb chart so I might start over with an empty thumb outline.

When the chart is finalized I'll post it here, but don't hold your breath, I'm still in a knitting doldrums. If I shorten it then I'll include the original for longer fingers.

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