Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Bunny

I knew mom would appreciate a handmade bunny more than anyone else I know. She decorates the house for every big holiday/season, and Spring time is when the bunnies appear. Here's an early arrival:

Pattern: Fiber Trends Bunny Fun
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted - Sable and Wild Violet
Eyes: Darice brand, 15 mm, purchased at Joann's (99 cents for four eyes)
Nose: black sock yarn
Tail: pompom made with the Wild Violet yarn
Height, to top of ears: about 11"

I was hoping I could use just one skein of the Sable (190 yds/skein), but I needed a couple yards from a 2nd skein to finish sewing up the pieces. For this reason I don't recommend using Lamb's Pride unless you plan to knit a solid colored bunny (2 skeins of 1 color) or you don't mind buying 3 skeins. The contrast color used for the feet and ears only requires about 30-40 yards so it'd be smart to check your stash for leftovers.

I like this bunny a lot, and there wasn't anything complicated about it. It's knit flat in four pieces (front, back, two feet -- the ears and arms are part of the front and back body pieces) and then sewn together before a trip through the washing machine.

Idea for next time: install a wind-up music box inside bunny, find some orange wool for a felted carrot, maybe make a teddy bear instead -- all I'd have to change is the ears.


twellve said...

wow, you made that bunny yourself? looks fantastic. can't say i've done anything like that.

Kim said...

Excessively cute bunny. I haven't tried toys yet, but the fish hats have me thinking in a more sculptural direction. Bunny is excellent inspiration! -k. (from String-or-Nothing)