Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Action shots of Kate's sweater

My brother sent photos of Kate wearing the sweater I knit for her in 2006. She was born in October 2006 and it was too big for her then. Now it's too small, but it still keeps her warm.

I'm happy to see the Dale Baby Ull and Lanett Ull yarns have held up well. They're both soft fingering weight superwash wool, perfect for baby knits. I'll ask my brother if they've washed it often. They machine wash and dry everything, so it's good to know it still looks decent without the benefit of a proper post-wash blocking and air dry. (cringe.)

It's a shame nobody buys her any toys.

"Help Auntie K, I need a new sweater, this one is too small!"
OK, OK, I'm on it kid.

You'll find project notes and more photos on this gallery page:

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