Tuesday, November 23, 2004

gobble gobble

I'm heading off tomorrow for Thanksgiving with my parents so I'll leave the shawl at home -- I'd rather mom not see it in the ugly adolescent unblocked stage. (Just finished the 16th repeat, I can finally see the light at the end of the carpal tunnel.) Instead I'll work on xmas mittens down there using this:

That's Red Heart vintage wool dyed various shades of blue and teal. I don't plan to use all the colors at once, there's a little too much clashing going on, but a pair of mittens using two shades of blue with white should be fine. Every so often I find RH wool at thrift shops and it always comes home with me. Don't confuse the quality of Red Heart acrylic (blech) with their wool of yesteryear, this wool is great stuff.

Hat: I finished this in October and forgot to take a photo of it.

That's worked in Brown Sheep Nature Spun using a modified pattern from Hats On. Alert readers will think "Um, isn't this the 10th time she's made that blasted hat?" Almost. People keep asking me to make one and so far everyone who has asked is someone I love dearly. I've promised one more using this pattern and that's IT.

I can't explain why exactly but I swoon whenever I open my white wool bin. Maybe it's the dyeing potential that thrills me? 98% of this (most of it is hidden under the top layer, this is a deep bin) was purchased at a thrift store, either in sweater form and then unravelled or in sacks of donated yarn. That might sound gross but I'm really picky about what I buy second hand so this wool is all very high quality, clean, and soft.

I love you white wool bin.


Maus said...

Your favorite hat from HatsOn! looks great! My son loves the "turquish hat" in there and I've made it three times for him now :)
How did you dye the wool? those are wonderful shades of blue, I find that real blue and nice green shades are most hard to find in stores.

the knitrider said...

oh i wish i could wear white stuff! whenever i go to get yarn, i also swoon at the idea of a pretty soft white hat or scarf or sweater. and then i think about it, and think oh i probably wouldnt wear it much. it would look ugly on me. what is it about that white !!

Kathleen said...

Your hat is goregous and the stitches look terrific. I seriously need to improve my two colored knitting.