Saturday, November 20, 2004

Unblocked lace is ugly

Lace sure is ugly until it's blocked. In this photo you can clearly see where the beginning of the shawl was already blocked (see Nov 4th post). Meg Swansen compares unblocked lace to a dishrag, so very true.


I'm just now finishing the 14th repeat of chart #2. It looks small in its shriveled up state but I don't want it to be too big so I'll pin it out after 16 repeats to see if it's time to start the edging. There are other things that need to be done in time for Christmas mailings but I'm obsessed with finishing this shawl first.

Li commented: I buy my beads in Fairhaven at the Bead Bazaar

Aha! That's a great little shop, it has been in that same location for ages -- well, a long time for a small craft based business. I remember buying beads there in 1991/92 -- I wonder how long it had been open at that point? I'm thinking about adding delicate silver beads to this shawl, on all the edging points (it's an option in the pattern). If you like peanut butter try the peanut butter pie at the Colophon (one slice is enough for two or three people). I still need to check out the new Village Books.

Jessica asked: Are you making up that cobweb lace pattern?

I'm using the Leaf Lace pattern from Fiber Trends again. It's written so you can use any weight yarn. You always start with 2 sts (at the neck) regardless of the yarn so you stop when it seems the right size and then add the edging. I always get a little thrill when someone else says they like Lone Star, what a movie!

2 comments: said...

I know the answer to the question! The Bead Bazaar in Fairhaven has been there 16 years. I just attended their 16th anniversary celebration.
Li said...

A question for you. How do you add the beads after the fact? Do you sew them on with yarn individually? I have only added beads while binding off and I find it's too tight.