Wednesday, November 10, 2004

shawl progress report

Monday morning I went to the thrift shop and found an 8 ounce cone of Harrisville Tweed in True Blue, that's about 1,000 yards of fingering weight wool. $2.99! Actually it only cost $1.99 because at the register a friendly gentleman handed the cashier a dollar to help pay for it. He probably thought I looked pathetic counting out quarters.

Still working on mom's shawl, still not sure if it'll be done in time for christmas, still on chart #2. Nine repeats down, nine more to go. That makes it sound like I'm halfway done but not really, each 10 row repeat adds 20 stitches to the total stitch count. Right now there are 247 sts per row and by the end of the 18th repeat there will be 427 sts on the needle. I hope 18 repeats is enough! The good news is that chart #3 (14 rows) and chart #4 (1 row) only have to be worked once.

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