Thursday, November 04, 2004

knitting with cobwebs

Here's the variegated socks I finished last month, finally got around to taking a photo. Same basic pattern on the same size 0 Addi circular -- it's a rut but it works:

Rainbow in a blender? They don't look as garish in person and once the foot is hidden in the shoe they're actually rather tame. Or so I keep telling myself. ;) I've decided to avoid buying variegated yarn from now on, unless it's monochromatic or it stripes.

I started another shawl, this time for my mom. The yarn is super fine laceweight merino wool. It isn't cobweb (that single ply wool used for Shetland wedding ring shawls), but it does feel as if I am knitting with cobwebs. I've used laceweight yarn before and this is even thinner than that. I am not crazy about working with this yarn but I'm determined to finish. Who knows if it will be done in time for Christmas but it's not a cold weather shawl, it'd be more appropriate for her birthday (late March) or a Mother's Day gift.

Last night I blocked out what I've done so far just to be sure it looks OK before devoting more time to it:

I'm not wild about it but it should look nice when it's all done and I like the way it drapes. Mom will love it no matter what, she's that kind of mom. This pale green is SO her color too, it is beautiful on her. I looked through magazines and books for a different pattern but the only other shawls I like that use laceweight yarn are circles or squares and they call for 500-1,000 more yards than what I have here.

I'm tempted to halt this shawl for now and make Highland Triangle from Folk Shawls, I might be able to find a sweater to unravel that will give me enough sport or DK yarn for it. I also really like the Fir Cone Square from the same book, that's on my "must knit" list. The Wool Peddler's shawl is good looking too, though the garter stitch section is a bit plain (but good for warmth).

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Your knitting is beautiful. Have you seen those clear boots that are intended to show off your knitted socks? A little strange, but those socks you did are worth showing off.