Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oh the weather outside is frightful

It's snowing!

Good thing I finished the gloves before the first snowfall. But I should save them as a just-in-case Christmas present. Oh well.

The colors in this 2nd photo taken outside in natural light are more accurate.

I'm not knitting for everyone in my family this Christmas, doing that for four years in a row is enough. My family is always very appreciative so it's not a thankless burden but I just didn't feel up to challenge this year. I might make some stationery/card sets, grandma and mom and my sister-in-law would love those and it'd only take a weekend of mad crafting to accomplish. I still want to knit mom a Fair Isle cardigan but I have yet to find or design a pattern that is worth the effort and time. Bleh. That and I'm feeling unreasonably lethargic lately so I'm pretty much useless for anything requiring actual brain power.

I'm currently making socks (are you surprised? ha-HA) with this pretty Trekking sock yarn. I can't decide which photo is better so you get to see both.

Next up are lined mittens for Dad's birthday present, using this soft and springy worsted dark blue wool and white angora yarn for the liner.

I found 2 skeins at a thrift shop, score

There won't be a patterned exterior, my Dad isn't a fancy kinda guy, but he'll appreciate the warmth and softness of the lining. I'll start with a provisional cast-on in the blue wool and do a couple rounds of K1P1 then do a purl turning round and continue the ribbed cuff. When the mitten is done I'll rescue the cast-on sts from the scrap yarn and knit a mitten inside with the angora yarn. Sounds like a plan! Gotta start swatching tonight.

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