Sunday, November 13, 2005

Up for trade: Rowan Book 4

I might as well post this here too. I'm offering up for trade a Rowan pattern book, it's the #4 issue of their magazine from 1988. I live in the United States and will ship it anywhere.

Here's a page with all the details, including what I'm looking for and photos of some of the sweaters and jackets in the book:

You can comment here or email me directly: andrade (at) az (dot) com

I finished up the second Trekking glove last night and soaked both gloves in water and hair conditioner. They're still damp so I'll take photos when they're dry. I had this crazy idea to make blocking hands (like a cross between my sock blocking faux foot and flat wooden blocking hands) out of Fimo clay. Maybe someday I'll get around to using the old Fimo sitting in a drawer and give it a shot.

I had a dream last night that David Letterman co-wrote a knitting book (it evolved into a general crafting book as the dream went on) which is strange because this happened Saturday night, so it's not like I watched his show right before going to bed.

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