Friday, January 09, 2009

Read how much Elann rocks and see some Classic Elite classics

I'm so impressed with Elann, I mailed a payment on Monday and received my order today -- Friday. Now that's service!

In comparison, I mailed a payment to Knitpicks on the same day (both payments were sent to addresses in the same state), but their website doesn't show acknowledgment of my order yet. I sent an email to Knitpicks yesterday about something in my order now showing as out of stock, asking if it will hold up my entire order. Knitpicks customer service sent a reply saying they'd be in touch in a few days because they're so busy.

Hmm... Elann wins this round hands down. ;)

My Elann order included these two '98 pattern leaflets from Classic Elite:

Classic Elite Leaflet 803 - It is Now Winter in the Andes

Classic Elite Leaflet 805 - The Dance of the Alpacas

The leaflets, which include charts, were only $1.58 each. They've been sitting in my Elann shopping cart for around three years, I remember googling for them online after I saw an ad in an old knitting magazine. I was surprised when I recently logged in to order sock yarn and saw the patterns still in the cart.

This is the first time I've ordered Elann's sock yarn, which seems like a great deal. It's $2.30 per 50g skein, and the colors I received are lovely (teal, oasis, mineral blue, black, and cream). The colors in person look a little darker than they appear on my monitor, which is fine with me. It feels nice in the skein and if I like the way it knits up then I'll be happy to order more.


Diann Hunt said...

Wow, I'm fairly new to knitting (about 4 months now), and I LOVE your blog!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Interesting Co-inky Dinky in that I just ordered from Elann also and got some of the sock yarn. The dark green is an excellent deep, rich color. The color on the laceweight mohair with silk is also wonderful.