Wednesday, October 06, 2010

We are the USOC Champions, my friend (and a new hat)

I never had a doubt. :)

Osvaldo Alonso leaps over the pack to celebrate Sanna Nyassi's first goal in the USOC Final -- I love the little boy in the front row with his arms outstretched, he will always remember that moment! (click to see detail)
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L to R: HERO Sanna Nyassi, Fredy Montero, Osvaldo Alonso
Seattle Sounders FC
back-2-back Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Champions
2009 & 2010

I finished the hat in time too:

This was blocked with a steamer before the photo was taken but it wasn't wet blocked (my preferred method). It's soaking right now and I might take a better photo later.

Yarn: Knitpicks Palette
Needle: size 1 - 2.50 mm (WRONG CHOICE ARGH, I should have used size 1 - 2.25 mm. Seriously stupid preventable mistake. I thought I used 2.25 mm on the previous hat, made with the same yarn and same number of sts cast on, and I wanted this one a little bigger, so going from 2.25 to 2.50 seemed perfectly reasonable. But the first hat was actually knit on size 0 - 2.0 mm. I was wondering why this one turned out bigger than expected! Always double-check, don't assume. It's one reason why I keep this blog, so I can confirm the yarn or needle size I used for a previous project. D'oh. Lesson learned. If wet blocking and shocking it with hot water doesn't help it will fit my brother if he wants it.)

About the USOC Final:

31,133 fans gave their full 90. We cheered, screamed, jumped for joy, sang, chanted, ranted, and clapped as one. The energy in the stadium was out of control, from first to final whistle, I've never experienced anything like it in my life! It's impossible to describe, I've tried and failed. This video is a small taste, which still falls short (for one thing you miss the NOISE):

This next video can't be embedded but it's worth watching! It gives a better idea of the crowd intensity and how excited we were. Only thing it's missing is Arlo White's voice. :)

I think it's incredibly cool that fans were asked to carry our 2009 Cup to Qwest during the March to the Match.

One thing I really love about Sanna Nyassi's first goal is that he was knocked in the head by the Crew GK but he didn't flop to the ground, no! He kept his wits about him, quickly sighted the ball, and drove it into the back of the net when it bounced his way. He was feeling no pain at that point. Sanna, I wish I had a baby to name after you.

To put our attendance number in perspective, there were 17,329 fans at the 2009 USOC Final in Washington, D.C. The previous USOC record of 21,583 was set way back in 1929. We are a little proud of 31,133 in Seattle. :)

Now we set our sights on the MLS post-season, which we have a 98.8% chance of making. Three matches left, we just need one tie or win and we move up to 100% in for sure.

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