Thursday, October 28, 2004

Leaf Lace Shawl crosses the finish line!

I finished grandma's shawl, that went faster than expected. Photos later, it has to be blocked first.

As I was working on it I kept thinking "I really should thread a lifeline here at some point" but never got around to it. Then on the cast off row (very last row) I yanked the shawl awkwardly and several stitches popped off the needle and downdowndown they dropped. Bwahahaha! I was determined to work the sts back up -- with the yarn overs in the right places too! -- and after about 45 minutes all the sts were settled in place. *whew*

My late night knitting sessions have been greatly enhanced by visits to the DVD section at the local library. I've had so much fun watching Hercule Poirot mysteries starring David Suchet and the other day I found the first Sharpe movie. I'll definitely be returning for more Sharpe, they should have the complete set. :) Sean Bean plays an officer in the British army during the Napoleonic wars and who cares about the silly electric guitar (huh?) that pops up in the soundtrack, Sean Bean makes up for that lapse. Oh I also checked out the Tales of the City mini-series last week and that was a lot of fun, why hasn't anyone ever told me to see that? I love the library.

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